Arenite Petroleum Limited is an oil and gas exploration and production company focused in the Cleveland Basin, North Yorkshire.
Arenite Petroleum Limited was awarded licences in the UK 28th Offshore Licensing Round and the 14th Onshore Round. Located in the Cleveland Basin in North Yorkshire, the licences include two significant gas discoveries – Cloughton-1, north-west of Scarborough and wells 41/24a-1, 2 & 3 which are on the offshore Maxwell gasfield. Gas has been discovered in multiple stacked zones including the Bunter sandstone, Permian Zechstein (Plattendolomit & Hauptdolomit) fractured carbonates and in Carboniferous tight gas sandstones and shales.

Progress in technology and understanding of tight plays in the last 25 years since these gas discoveries were made means that zones which were disregarded as being uneconomic can now be developed using techniques such as horizontal drilling to intersect natural fracture systems, often with no or minimal stimulation. Such wells do not require the massive hydraulic fracking (or fraccing as the popular press seem to spell it). Low volume stimulation has been carried out for the last 100 years. Worldwide over one million wells have been treated including some 200 onshore UK wells.

Arenite Petroleum is a privately owned company incorporated in 2014 with headquarters in Aberdeen, Scotland. In a little over two years the company has built a strong acreage position in the Cleveland Basin, with acreage on culminations on a regional structural high.